What they say

Trust is the most important quality for working in true partnership


Below is a sample of the people I have worked for or with over the years. Some of the words they use to describe me are: professional, dynamic, solution-focused and creative - with a dash of fun and a pithy anecdote.

Paul Brewster
Director Warwick Employment Group

The solution-focussed nature of ExecPartners was perfect for our business. ​ Our expansion from the UK into Australia was facilitated by Margo’s skills, background and networks.


Being able to trust and rely on somebody with a high-level strategic overview and drive, but at the same having the confidence that operationally it is all managed professionally and efficiently has provided the Board with the vital and invaluable assurance that our business is in good hands.

Lesley Beames

Margo’s exceptional interpersonal skills set her apart from most of the people I have worked with.  She is comfortable in front of people and shows empathy and an understanding of their needs.  Her enthusiasm and optimism enable her to overcome barriers and find solutions to knotty problems.  

Another of Margo’s strengths is her ability to think strategically and then quickly grasp how policies or concepts might play out operationally, particularly how they might impact clients. 

Martin Evans

Sharp, quick, savvy and thorough - That is how I would describe Margo Baas. I had the pleasure of working with Margo's team on a project focussed on establishing graduate employment pathways in the local SME sector, and it was an amazing example to me of just what can be achieved with energy, agility and strong leadership. 


Margo has the rare quality of being able to talk the talk, and then deliver above and beyond expectations.

Chris Madden AO 

Over the past decade, I had the absolute pleasure of witnessing Margo’s achievements in Higher Education and the ease with which she takes ownership of a project, department or challenge.


She is a strategic and passionate visionary who has an uncanny ability to recognize people's strengths and communication styles and tap into that. She brings her wealth of experience, professionalism and a strong ability to clearly see the road ahead, recognising that when change is necessary, implementation is everything.