Founder & Managing Director
Margo Baas


The person you trust and depend on


I started out by establishing a small business in Sydney at the age of 25.


Via the development of management skills in IT, Marketing, HR and Finance in the corporate and tertiary sector, I have built the skills and experiences that are valuable to any organisation.


As your right-hand woman, I will be a trusted partner in developing strategy, planning, implementation and taking ownership of delivering the outcomes for your organisation. 

  • Strong skills in driving business growth, partnerships, and strengthening organisations’ brands through effective marketing and positioning in the communities in which it operates. 

  • Highly skilled in structuring and managing teams and challenging projects in career development, marketing, IT, recruitment, and events management. 


  • Improve business outcomes by providing strategic marketing and organisational direction, and managing people and processes to achieve your goals.


  • Specialties: Consulting, Interim Executive Management, Business Strategy, IT Project Management, Recruitment, Marketing, Relationship Management.